How to Charge Your Electric Car

How to Charge Your Electric Car

Electric cars have rolled out an extensive charging network in homes, public areas and service stations. In fact, trials to date have shown that most charging will take place overnight at a conveniently located home charge point.

Charging your electric car is easy with two charging options to choose from:

Home Charging

Charging your e-car at home couldn’t be easier. Home chargers are convenient and simple to use. A full overnight charge can cost as little as €2 using cheaper night rate electricity (costs vary by vehicle and electricity supplier). The cost of charging at home will simply be added to your regular domestic electricity bill in the normal way.

Public Charging

You can charge your electric car at a nationwide network of publicly accessible charge points in locations such as on-street, shopping centres, car parks. You can locate your nearest charge point on our map here.

Dos and Don’ts of Electric Vehicle Charging


  • Always bring your charge point access card on your journey
  • Ensure that the electric vehicle is parked in a position that makes it easy to insert the connector
  • Ensure your charging timer is turned off before you start charging (if applicable to your car)
  • Give the charge point some time to register your access card after you present it to the reader
  • Use the same card to start and stop the charging session
  • Pay the local parking fee if there is one
  • After charging please vacate the space to allow the next driver to recharge
  • Note- on a fast multi-standard charger you can only use one of the DC connectors (CHAdeMO and CCS) at a time, however it is possible for the DC connector and fast AC connector to be used at the same time
  • Report any faults to our Customer care helpline: 01 258 3799
  • Safety First – Practise safe charging. Do not block the footbath or park unsafely in order to reach a charge point if another vehicle is blocking the space.
  • Note: If you have a safety concern, please contact the 24/7 helpline on 01 258 3799.


  • Don’t attempt to unplug somebody else‘s car when they are charging
  • Don’t leave cables trailing on the ground as they may cause a trip hazard
  • Don’t press the emergency stop to terminate the charge session unless it is an emergency
  • Don’t leave your card in your wallet when presenting it to the charge point reader