How do I get a free installation?

You are entitled to a free installation if you buy a new car, and your car dealer applies to the SEAI on your behalf.

What if I am not entitled to a free installation?

If you are not entitled to a free installation do not worry we can quote you and supply & install your new point within 5 days of receipt of your order.

Can I have two charge points at my house?

In some case yes, provided that you sufficient supply and that you currently do not have any heavy electrical loads i.e. Electric showers. We can install two number 3.6KW Charge points provided we install a priority device to prevent both being used at the same time.

Can I install a 7KW EV Point?

Yes, provided you have sufficient capacity and you install a priority device for the electric shower.

What if I am buying a second hand car?

No Problem, we can advise you on the type of charge point best suited to your needs. Be sure that you get the charging lead with the car.

Can I get a Tethered Unit?

Yes, we can supply a tethered unit however it may not be compatible with your car type. We can advise accordingly.

What if I live in a terraced house?

This may be a problem, if your house is on the public footpath, leads trailing from your charge point would present a serious Health & Safety issue as it is a trip hazard. However, if you have a parking space in front opposite to your house with a path running past then we may be able to install a Pedestal unit, a site visit would be recommended.

What if I live in an Apartment Block?

Usually not a problem, once you have a dedicated parking space, you will need permission from the management company and we will in due course provide all the necessary paperwork, Method /Safety Statement and Risk Assessment. A site visit would be recommended.

I share a house, how will I know how much it cost to charge my car?

We can install a check meter on the installation to calculate the usage over any given period.

What if I live in a rented house?

You will need written permission from the landlord.

What if I live in a remote rural area?

Not A Problem, perhaps the easiest of installations to carry out.

What if I have an old Fuseboard?

Provided the incoming consumer tails from the ESB meter are the correct size and the Earthing is correct it should be OK. We can install a Sub Board to cater for the EV point.

What if my distribution board is full?

We can install a Sub Board to cater for the EV point.

I am not sure if my wiring is up to standards?

We always carry out a thorough inspection before any work is carried out we will advise you of your requirement’s and obligations under the new ETCI regs.

What happens if my wiring is not to current standards?

Under New Safety standards you may be required to carry out remedial work, so as to enable us to proceed with the installation. We will advise you in writing of the best course of action.

What type of cable is used?

Depending on location etc. ,Either NYMJ or SWA in some case where we can achieve adequate mechanical protection it may be permissible to install 6sq T&E,

How will the additional wiring be hidden /concealed?

We will use trunking/conduit to conceal cabling, where practical will install through attic spaces and perhaps under floor boards, in car parks we will steel conduit, cable tray and external areas we will excavate the ground and bury the cable to the recommended depth.

Will there be much disruption?

Disruption will be to a minimum. All work is carried out during the course of normal working hours 8am -6pm. The exact scope of works will be discussed in detail and agreed before commencement.

Will I get a RECI/SAFE ELECTRIC cert?

Yes, you will receive a certificate within one week of completion.

Can I get dual tariff metering (Day/Night)?

Yes, you simply contact your service provider and apply.

How much will an installation cost?

The cost will vary depending on the Type of charge point and scale of work to be carried out, after discussion the price quoted will be fair and transparent all-inclusive with no hidden extras and will be plus VAT @ 13.5%.

Pre-Sales Question?

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

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