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EVChargingStations.ie was established for EV Car owners who need charging solutions at home or at work.
EVchargingstations.ie will install, test and maintain a dedicated power source at your chosen location
Our team of installers are all, fully trained and qualified electricians.
Each installation is certified by us and includes all the paperwork required by the grant authorities and the ESB
EV Charging Stations Installed
% EV Reduces Transport Costs by
€ lowest Road Tax in Ireland
€ in total grants available

What our clients say

Since 2010 NMD Electrical (Nigel M Daly) has worked closely with the staff at ESB e car, installing EV points countrywide, their work is of the highest standard, carried out promptly and efficiently, with minimum disruption to customers. We have found that they are continually reliable, with exceptional attention to detail, and work closely with customers to ensure that, their high standards are maintained. They report any defects to ourselves and the customer which are dealt with to ensure the safety of the charge point installation.- Patrick Foley - Project Coordinator ESB e cars
Since the start of EV sales I have spoken to Nigel Daly on a regular basis, he has offered us advice on installation suitability and answered questions regarding many aspects of the EV’s.Feedback from our customers has been always very positive. Having someone like Nigel to speak with from my point is invaluable.- Stephen O’Sullivan - Windsor Motors Dublin (Nissan)
Nigel installed a 7 KW wall pod charger at our workshop. The installation was installed as agreed on time and at a very competitive rate. - Brendan Walsh - AUDI Waterford.
NMD installed the EV point at our workshop, since our first meeting they have been extremely helpful in providing advice and information. Our customers have all commented on the excellent service provided.- Joe Harvey - (Mitsubishi) Grace & Harvey Motors.

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Company Background

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Evchargingstations.ie who we are

While we are a South East based company with our offices and stores located in Waterford, we have also carried out many projects in the surrounding counties of Kilkenny – Wexford, Tipperary, Cork and Dublin and throughout the 26 Counties.

We are experienced in design, installation and maintenance of domestic, commercial, retail and industrial installations and are both RECI and NECI registered.

NMD does not employ sub contractors to carry out work.

All our staff are fully qualified, directly employed dedicated professionals, and all projects are personally supervised.

We take great pride in the quality of our work and always aim to deliver projects on time and within cost.

We have been trading for over 40 years and have built up a significant satisfied client list, which has resulted in the development of a very successful operation. These can be referenced if required.

Electric Vehicle Charging / ESB eCars 2010 – 2018

We been installing charging units on a daily basis since June 2010 covering all areas countrywide. Over this period of time we have installed over 2,500 Charge points under the free home charge installation scheme.

We have gained immeasurable experience in the installation of the charge points and have worked closely with ESB ecar staff to ensure that the installations were installed in a prompt and efficient manner with minimum disruption to the client’s (car owners).

Additionally, over the course of these installations we encountered numerous premises that did not comply with current ETCI regulations, these were reported and in turn upgraded.

We performed all tasks as requested, met with clients, eCar customers, car dealerships, carried out site surveys, issued reports, confirmed suitability of installations etc. our records indeed form the basis for the eCar database as managed by the ESB

During our time under tender with  ESB eCars, we were responsible for the installation of EV charge points

  • Countrywide since 2010
  • ESB staff (Trial Project)
  • EPRI trials at Roebuck Downs Dublin
  • the Great Electric Drive Project
  • Installation of EV Charge Points and Data connections for the 3 Phases of the GED installations
  • Installation of EV Charge Points and profile Metering at Dublin Airport for the DAA
  • Q Parks Cork (Drive for ZERO project)
  • Installations at over 100 Hotels Countywide
  • to Journalists and VIP’s Countrywide
  • Installation of EV Charge Points in Domestic/Commercial /Industrial locations as part of the free installation offer from ESB ecars and with private clients we have to date installed over approx 3500 Units in domestic situations.
  • Testing of the On-Street Infrastructure for ESB ecars
  • Installation of PAYG (Pay as you Go) Charge points in various locations
  • Replacement of On Street Chargers for Clients

Also, during this time, we installed numerous Charge points for customers in the commercial sectors.

  • Business Premises
  • Factories
  • Shops
  • Hotels
  • Apartment Complex’s
  • Sports Facilities

SEAI Grant Scheme

Since January 2018 we are on a daily basis installing charge points under the SEAI Home Charge Grant scheme. We offer a range of Charge Points and have secured numerous franchises to supply units to the Irish market. 

Technical and After- Installation Support

We confirm that we can provide support to EV Owners who are experiencing difficulty with their charge points on a 24Hr basis.

Our normal operating hours are

8.00am -6.00pm Monday –Friday with a message support service out of hours.

Calls are dealt personally on a one to one basis with the EV owner, and if necessary a site visit maybe required to rectify the problem. We currently provide this service to ESB ecars and expedite all issues in a timely and efficient manner, ensuring that the EV owner is reassured and dealt with in a polite and courteous manner.

Recent Installation of Units throughout Ireland

  • Mr Bill Fleming, Cork – Domestic
  • Mr Ian Winning, Cork Co Council –    Commercial
  • Mr Noel Stewart, Dublin – Domestic
  • Mr john Roche, Dublin – Commercial
  • Liam Carey ,Limerick – Domestic
  • Michael Flynn ,Waterford – Domestic
  • Andrew Sweeney, Dublin – Domestic
  • Aine Rear, Galway – Domestic