Dec 12

Customer Feedback

Customer: Trevor

Location: Celbridge, Kildare

Work Carried Out: Supply and Installation of Zappi EV Charger at my House.


I’ll be getting my first EV soon & I had been researching what I needed to have ready in advance of the car arriving. I chose a MyEnergi Zappi EV Charger (5 Meter Tethered Unit, Type 2) based on its ability to integrate with Solar Panels in the future if I decide to get them, for its reputation among those EV owners who have already purchased & been using it, and (because I have an Electric Shower installed in my home) for its ability to dynamically determine what current/power is being used within the house at any point so it then can adjust the power/current sent to the car when it is charging. (Using its CT Clamp). So it avoided the need to purchase an additional Priority Switch.

The next thing I had to determine was who to ask to do this work.

Again, I read a lot of online forums and one name repeatedly came up in terms of that company’s Expertise, Skill, Knowledge & Ability to deliver a professional service and high quality finish – Nigel Daly.

I understood that there may have been cheaper alternatives – eg for me to source & acquire the charger unit myself & then separately find an electrician to install it.

I decided because I wanted the least amount of hassle / inconvenience with the highest level of service, professional finish, & someone that understood all the paperwork & who met all the criteria required for me to submit my EV Home Charger SEAI Grant Application, that I would choose Nigel Daly for this work.

I asked Nigel to source the charger & install it.

Right from my initial contact with Nigel’s Team  – Kelly, I could tell this was going to be a positive experience. Kelly was very responsive to all my questions & a good communicator using email & calling me on my phone. Nigel himself also provided me with information through email & over the phone. So it was great to see such a high level of customer focus & responsiveness at all levels within the company.

Kelly was very efficient in scheduling the work & providing me with time frames that suited me.

I subsequently got a follow up call from one of the Installation Electricians in Nigel’s’ Team (John) &  he arranged a mutually agreeable installation day / time with me.

On the morning of the scheduled work, John was travelling a long distance to get to me & constantly kept me appraised of his location & updated me (through text messaging)  with expected arrival times. I found this very helpful & not something that other tradespeople had bothered to do in the past for me.

John arrived on time & all ready & prepared for the job. He had obviously already been fully briefed by Kelly & Nigel on what I needed done as he knew exactly what the job was & there were no surprises for him & I did not have to explain everything.

John was an absolute professional. He provided such a high level & standard of work that it went above what I had expected (and I have high standards!). He went out of his way to explain what he was going to do at each stage of the work & ensured I was comfortable with it.

Observing John at work, it was apparent that he was highly skilled, had done this exact type of install many times & to me, he was so efficient I think he could have almost done the work with a blindfold on (not that it would be safe to do that of course :-)).

John was so incredibly neat & tidy at every stage (Drilling out from the internal fuse box in the house, attaching & routing protective cable trunking on the side of the house, installing & testing the EV charger for me).

I cannot recommend Nigel Daly & his team (thanks again Kelly & John) highly enough for their outstanding level of responsiveness, customer service, for getting things right first time, for their attention to detail & faultless install of my Home EV Charger.

Well done Nigel to you & your team. You obviously surround yourself with the right type of people – great personalities, superb customer focus / responsiveness, combined with expertise knowledge & professionalism.

You & your company deserve any & all success based on what you did for me this morning.

In my eyes – great value for my money & a totally happy customer.

Thank you all.

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